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Sun Umbrella Brace is designed to vertically secure a sun umbrella to varying anchoring devices to provide desired shade. This system eliminates the need to hold an umbrella when at a sporting event or other recreational activity. The umbrella can be secured to nearby items, such as chairs, bleachers, coolers, strollers, and other devices. This support system is ideal for those who want sun protection, but do not wish to tediously hold an umbrella. Using a chair leg, bleacher railing, stroller handle, or other anchoring devices can allow users to enjoy continuous shade hands-free.

  • Universal for all types of beach umbrella needs

  • ¬†Perfect for those solid-ground surfaces

  • ¬†Securely grips to all umbrella pole sizes at two-points for stability

  • Conveniently stores right on your umbrella pole for future use

  • Super lightweight compact umbrella holder

  • Attaches in seconds to any quad style chair

  • $12.95

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