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Tethering Kit
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Beach Umbrella Tethers. Here’s a simple solution to the age old problem of securing a top heavy beach umbrella on a breezy day. While we always encourage beach goers to take down their umbrellas when the wind kicks up, we also recognize that coastal breezes – to some degree – are ever present.

We offer many solutions for a Beach Umbrella Anchor for usage in dirt, sand, affixed to a chair and even a bleacher seat. They all do a great job in holding a beach umbrella’s support pole in place. However, umbrellas are top heavy and their parachute-like design makes them susceptible to the force of wind. A fly-away or damaged umbrella can ruin an otherwise blissful day.

Our beach umbrella tethers are a simple, lightweight and inexpensive way to ensure your shady spot on the beach. Weather is unpredictable, you may not need them at all. However, we feel that this kit is a sensible back up plan when the coastal breezes threaten to send your umbrella tumbling down the shoreline.


  • Four sand bags with tethers.

  • Kit weighs just 14 oz.

  • Each bag fills with up to 25 pounds of sand.

  • Tethering clips attach behind the umbrella’s rib tips.

  • Adjustable tethering clips.

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See actual user iPhone video of this beach umbrella tethering kit being used with our 8 foot beach umbrella: